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B&B Korea is looking for distributor in Asia

As an expansionary plan, B&B Korea is looking for distributor in Asia countries. if you are interested in our product, please feel free to contact us ...

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Description: DASARA is 100% of fermented culture. It supplements beneficial bacteria to livestock and aquaculture as well as water quality condition. It will generate high performance and increase farmer’s profit.

Composition in 1 litter

 Bacillus subtilis 1.0 × 1013cfu

Carrier :                                   

Glucose                  1%

Water                      added up to 100%

Physical and chemical performance

Form                Liquid

Color               Light yellow

Odor                Weak ammonia odor

Function (Effect)

Increasing feed intake amount

Balance gut microflora

Prevention and treatment of diarrhea

The growth rate is faster

Water quality is improved.


E. Coli           absent

Salmonella    absent



1L,5L, 10L and 18L per plastic bottle 

Use direction

Add 0.2 – 0.5 ml of Dasara into 1 litter of drinking water


Cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight

Shelf life : 18 months