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SDN Plus

Product data sheet

Description: SDN Plus is liquid probiotics formulated for aquaculture to enhance

performance and reduce diseases

Ingredient: Bacillus subtilis, glucose and water

Composition in 1 litter:

Bacillus subtilis          1.0 × 1010 cfu min

Lactobacillus acidophilus 1.5 x 1010cfu min



Physical and chemical performance

Form               liquid

Color               dark red

Odor               typical



E. Coli           absent in 1g

Salmonella        absent  in 25g


Increasing feed intake rate

Enhancing fish excrement condition

Promoting the operation of blood circulation

Improving immune system

Decomposition ability by strong enzymes

Excellent proliferating ability

Reducing ammonia concentration rate

Promoting digestibility

Reinforcing disintegration ability of feed sediments for the bottom line


Heavy metal

As   ≤ 2.0mg/kg

Pb   ≤ 5.0mg/kg


Use direction                                    

Mix with the feed


Storage & shelflife

Cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight

SDN Plus can be used for at least 18 months


Pig  1~2ml/litter of drinking water

Poultry  1~2ml/litter of drinking water

Cow  1~2ml/litter of drinking water

Pig                       2 – 5 ml/kg feed

Poultry                5 – 10 ml/kg feed

Fish                     2 – 5 ml/kg feed

Shrimp                5 – 10 ml/kg feed



1, 2, 5 ,10, 18 and 1000litter bottle